Our Programmes

Digital Innovation Hub

This technology is relatively new to the Africa market. The industry is estimated to be worth R830M by 2022. Our objective is to introduce youth to the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) opportunities. We look forward to immersing you in these intriguing podiums.

We offer basic training programmes to support you transform your business idea into a lucrative gaming business which will enable you to stand out from the rest. The video gaming industry is estimated to be worth R4.5BN by 2022; the market share that we aim to claim.


Umbokoda is a nationwide program aimed at encouraging female participation in the ICT sector. Our support includes creating an international network of female coders, creating local female coding clubs and, hosting bootcamps and hackathons. We will deliver training programmes for females of all ages to help bridge the gender divide in the ICT sector.

Drone Industry Incubation

We manage a database of mentors and mentees in the drone industry; and expect thousands of new entrants in the drone economy by 2022.

We believe that South Africa’s capacity to rollout the industry is under-explored. As such our strategic objective is to vigorously conduct match-making projects between drone industry startups and established operators. We serve as an incubator and accelerator resource for various partners in this growing industry.

Your Partner Of Choice

Our team has over 40 years combined experience in Business Development, ICT and Software Development, Business Incubation, Operations and Management and Business Commercialisation. We are the innovation Partner of choice.


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Technology Innovation Incubation