Interested in developing games or Esports?

From Game design to game development, we’re looking for Entrepreneurs from both sides of the coin.

Full Development

Scene Design

Character Design


Game Development & Design

Knowing the difference between game development and game design is a crucial part of what we look for when incubating.

  • Game designers are graphics creators. they make models of the game whether 2 Dimensional (2D) or 3 Dimensional (3D).
  • Game developers are responsible for the coding aspect of the game. This introduces a keypress component that results in movement or position change of the created charecter.


In Esports, AB4IR aims to create a competent esports team that is able to compete nationally and internationally.

This will secure a South African generation of esports players who compete in the global market that was already estimated to be worth $1.38 billion worth in 2022  

South Africa winnings of the $1.38 bil.
UI / UX Design 0.5%
South Africans making it to the finals

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Game Developers

Have a game in development, join the AB4IR family where we can assist you with the equipment, funding applications, and linking you up with industry professionals.


Are you so good at a game that no one can beat you? Join our esports team and compete with players around South Africa to show that you are the best, then we go to global tournaments.